Delivering from your own brief and the ‘London 12’….

The ‘London 12’ sounds more like a group of wrongly convicted jail birds, but is in fact a series of twelve paintings I’ll work on in April. One for each month of the year and covering key areas of London.

Always a lot easier to come up with ideas for someone else’s brief, but when the brief is one created by yourself and has to be delivered by yourself it’s not so easy and very quickly¬†ideas can¬†dry up, so I’ve been working all morning in the Liverpool library with a simple story board below showing progress.

Liverpool library is great, loads of light and I really like the new architecture, only downside is that by mid-day, the wi-fi is down to as slow as slow can be as the place is filled up with many people using the internet. As you walk round the auditorium you can glance over people’s shoulders to see the spectrum of internet use, never fails to amaze me from the history of bull-fighting, the compulsory cats playing the piano …….to nuclear physics – the whole world is here – just as any Library should be!

Meeting Ken Martin this afternoon to discuss dates for the Exhibition in Liverpool of my work starting this August.

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