Thursday – 12/3/15 – Belfast Ferry painting and first of the London paintings…

Spent more time on the ‘Belfast Ferry’ painting today and started the first of the London view paintings, the first will be a view from the Thames that will include the old Billingsgate building with the new Credit Suisse building towering over it like some breaking wave…

The ‘Belfast Ferry’ painting work today was mostly around the background sky line, hoping to keep the visual balance right between the boat in the foreground and the buildings on the far bank.

After nearly two weeks of full on painting, the most I’ve done since I was an art student I’m finding myself analysing every view anywhere for colour balance and what colours make up a scene, reminds me of the story of how Monet at his wife’s funeral found himself reviewing the colours and shades across her face in her coffin which he found disturbing, not surprising but shows how its very difficult to ‘switch off’…!

Today’s work on the ‘Belfast Ferry’ painting:


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