Blue North Wales Hills…

Another early start with work on a few canvases next to the Mersey first, had a late breakfast and then drove up to Storeton and worked on Storeton 3 canvas for a while then shifted the view 45 degrees to see across the same fields as last Friday, and started a new medium sized canvas in portrait format.

The light was very different today and you could see the hills and mountains of North Wales way out in to the distance.

Great to paint as were the clouds, which after 6 weeks of painting made a nice change as its been mostly been either completely overcast, mist and fog or bright blue sky most of the time.

Todays work:

New Storeton view of North Wales in the distance



Liverpool Skyline – 8:00am



Storeton 3 – 1:00pm



Small sketch: 10.00am Liverpool skyline


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