Painting clouds and staring in to the sun…

Beautiful day on the Wirral today both down early by the Mersey and up later in Storeton countryside.

Painting went well, and just 20 minutes of better painting this morning on the ‘Anglican Cathedral’ canvas turned round a painting that I was ready to ‘bin’ in to one that works well now, better drawing as usual helped, plus getting the balance of blue/purple of the shaded buildings and the bright sunlight which was more or less for me staring in to the sun, not wise to do that too long and areas of colours in the sky and and water were close to a bleached out white.

Later up in the field near Storeton similar challenges painting a few big white clouds that dared to move across the clear blue sky. These to were great to paint and not easy, the subtle shades of grey/purple through to light blue and the edges of yellow/white/orange of where the sun hits the top of the clouds is a pleasure to paint  – but not easy. Turner and Constable painted a lot of great oil sketches of clouds…Turner in particular the first of the impressionists in my opinion!

While on the banks of the Mersey I painted two small skyline sketches that with one more complete a set of 8 of these views.

Todays work:

Medium sized canvas: Anglican Cathedral



Small sized canvas: Liver Building (6 of 8)



Small sized canvas: Liver Building (7 of 8)



Large sized canvas: Storeton direction Wales 



Medoum sized canvas: Storeton direction Wales 


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