Cathedrals and toothache…

I was back in the Met Cathedral this morning and spent most of the time working on canvas 1 reworking areas around the yellow crypt light and adding more detail for the ‘blue/white’ square lights to the lower right of the canvas, all went well, but painting was cut short….

….one thing a big quiet cathedral has  – is not enough distractions, great for concentration but not for ignoring a toothache!….and after a couple of hours of painting with flashes of the film of ‘Marathon Man’ going through my head (must be dentists favourite film) I decided to get the teeth sorted today …..which took a few hours to get an appointment, but I’m now minus a few teeth but also without the pain!

Going to work at the Anglican cathedral tomorrow and I’ve set my self a maximum of 3 more weeks to complete these six paintings in the 2 cathedrals. Then back out to the countryside and the edge of the Mersey….

Todays work (mostly on canvas 1), but all three Met paintings below.

Met1     met2     Met3

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