Matthew Street home of the Cavern – 2 oil sketches…

Spent today working on two small canvases based on some digital reference shots taken yesterday. The views shows a rainy morning on Matthew Street which is where the Cavern is  – home of the Beatles, or at least where they started in Liverpool. The venue is still a great one rebuilt as it was in the early 60’s and in the same spot.

If you are Beatle fan (as I am) I also recommend going to Woolton where there is the village hall that Lennon and McCartney first met, and across the road there is the church  where a certain Eleanor Rigby is buried. Paul McCartney has always said that its just a coincidence  – though you have to wonder…how many Elanor Rigby’s have you met? Its an unusual name and my theory is that he must have seen the name and the name seeped in to his unconscious to resurface in that great song of the mid-60’s, close to her grave there is a also buried a Farther John McKenzie…!

Weather forecast is good for tomorrow morning so the plan is to work on the Belfast Ferry landscape from the Wirral, plus a couple of the smaller canvases.



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