Monday – 9/3/15 – Four new small canvases and Merseyside grit….

Couple of hours painting outside today before the rain arrived, started 4 new small canvases that I’ll work on for 1 hour / 1.5 hours each morning this week, that will take me to around 1 pm each day.

It’s a bit like a 4 dimensional game chess painting outside with the light changing as the sun moves and then also as the clouds racing across.

Monet painted the hay stakes and also Rouen Cathedral showing how light changes over a period of time  – great paintings….the light probably changes across any landscape this time of year every 15 minutes so your are scanning across any canvases to look how you can build the total picture in a way that makes visual sense, very little point in focussing too long in one area of any work as it needs to be in sync with the whole picture…

Four canvases from today below that were started, most time on the first before the rain arrived, I moved quickly on the others to at least have basic shapes in place for the other three and tomorrows work.

Biggest challenge today was getting the paintings back to the car in the strong winds that arrived, good job they were small as a couple went flying and have now some real Mersey grit mixed in…

….sunny all day tomorrow is forecast, that will be good!

Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch4 Sketch3

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