Wednesday – 4/3/15 – large landscape and seagulls…

Cold blue sky in Liverpool today, took some more reference photos for the large landscape painting from the Wirral to work with today and did some research in to the best areas to paint on the spot once the wind drops and the temperature rises (probably this Friday).

Rock Ferry area looks promising but is probably too south and the best spot is probably nearer the main Ferry terminal near the U-Boat exhibit, but finding a quiet spot near there is going to be a challenge! Still it will have the best view of Liverpool and the main buildings like the cathedrals…

Meanwhile painting work today was all on the large landscape version which went well, but I got side tracked in to painting seagulls, which may or may not ‘add’ to the painting…and if they don’t will be removed, I’ll give them 24 hours on the canvas before any decision on bird culling!

Will shift over to working on the large square canvas tomorrow, with a lot of drawing/painting of the Liver building.



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