London 12 canvases – blocking in the colour…

Spent today working on the 12 London canvases, blocking in the colour for each of the months. Was a bit like working on one large canvas divided in to 12, will let these dry before working any more on them and adding any detail.

Over the 12 canvases I’m dividing the colour spectrum starting with blue for January and dark purple for December. Each month will have the respective key colour as a highlight. I’ll probably add other visual links between the months.

Full list below plus progress during today (left to right and down):

January: Piccadilly Circus / Blue

February: Sydenham Hill / Light Blue-Green

March: Kenwood House Highgate / Green

April: Buckingham Palace / Yellow-Green

May: Columbia Road / Yellow

June: Green Park / Yellow-Orange

July: Thames at Windsor / Orange

August: Lords Cricket Ground / Orange-Red

September: Crossing Blackfriars Bridge/Tower Bridge / Red

October: Hyde Park / Red-Blue

November: Houses of Parliament / Purple

December: Trafalgar Square / Purple/Blue





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