Three paintings and picture frames…

Can’t speak for all painters, but for myself thinking what frame will be used for a painting is not top of my list of concerns when I’m painting  – but it’s important, get it wrong and it can kill a picture, colour, width or style all have what is probably an unconscious affect on the viewer…..

For me the simpler the better, it does not distract from the painting and fortunately less costly!….any owner can of course change a frame if they want to….

On the subject of displaying paintings in exhibitions, it always amazes me how some high profile exhibitions will have paintings displayed on red or other strongly coloured walls!…..crazy in my opinion as a red background to a picture will accentuate all the greens in a painting, not what the artist would have planned, and one of the first things you are taught at Art School!

Keep it white, grey or black….




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