Liverpool: Met Cathedral – first of three paintings…

7:30 am start at the Met Cathedral this morning. I wonder if I’m the first painter to paint the interiors of both Cathedrals in the same week!

At that time they have each day an early morning service, very nice to hear the music early in the morning.

Great spot to paint near the entrance with natural light, and the colours are great to paint. Having said that most of today was drawing and blocking in colour. I was also anxious to make sure that I got no paint anywhere other than on the canvas. So on returning to the spot where I painted to collect the easel as I packed the car I noticed a small patch of paint on the floor where I had been standing. All paper or rags were now in the car so the best option was to kneel on the floor and wipe the paint away with my knees.

So even though I’m not a very religious person my last act this morning before leaving the Cathedral must have looked like I was having a quick prayer!

Start to first of three Met large canvases.


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