Friday – 13/3/15 – and rain on the Mersey, Guinness on the Thames…

Rainy here in the North West first thing so concentrated for a short time on the Belfast Ferry painting and most of the day on starting the first London Thames painting that shows the old Billingsgate fish market and the new Credit Suisse building that maybe because it’s Friday evening currently looks like a large pint of Guinness towering over the Thames.

I used to work in the area where the new Credit Suisse building stands and my local bank I used to visit in that area turned out to be the focal point of light that reflected from that building on a sunny day damaging cars that parked in front of it, no doubt the issue has been addressed, but the concave design of the building acted as an accidental huge mirror reflector for a while!…great building though as is the Shard on the other side of the river.

Meanwhile the painting itself has too much detail in the Billingsgate building area which I’ll need to work on next and get the balance across the canvas again….

Belfast Ferry canvas today:



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