Friday – 6/3/15 – Committees of one and no undo…

Friday’s painting….

It’s a lot easier getting decisions agreed when its just yourself that needs to sign-off on an idea, but of course, there’s no confusion on where the responsibility lies if something goes wrong while you are painting….and no undo, having spent the previous 25 years in computer graphics where if you make a mistake you can hit the undo button (multiple times) its easy to go back to the version of work that was going well. With the painting there’s no such luxury and if its going badly its a cloth and turpentine and a swipe that doesn’t take you to a new page!

Of course when its just you, there’s no need to book meeting rooms, persuade people that your project should be given priority or find resources to complete an application… so there are good points too.

Found a great spot on the Wirral today to paint the Liverpool skyline from Monday, hope the weather stays good for the start of next week….


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