Work on three small canvases and Belfast ferry ‘parked’ in the wrong place!

Turned up at my usual painting spot on the Wirral with the ‘Belfast Ferry’ canvas and three of the seven small ‘Mersey’ canvases. (Early start usually set up for 7:45am).

The captain of this morning Belfast ferry had frustratingly decided to moor todays ferry at the other end of the pier and facing north, so that put a halt to work on the large canvas (I’d planned to paint the boat) and meant ‘on the spot’ painting today focused on updating three of the small canvases (see below) they went well and the early spring sunshine was great this morning.

Outside I always paint standing up, think it helps the concentration, but, means anywhere between 2 and 3 hours is the maximum without a break!…..returned to Liverpool by late morning and worked where I could on the large Belfast Ferry painting in doors.




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